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Explore a diverse range of robust and reliable apron feeder by Temekna, essential equipment for efficient and consistent bulk material handling. Our apron feeders are designed to handle a wide variety of materials and are engineered to enhance productivity in industries where precise material delivery is crucial.

What is Apron Feeder

An apron feeder is a heavy-duty, continuous material handling equipment used to extract or feed bulk materials from a hopper or bin to a receiving end, such as a crusher, conveyor, or processing equipment. It consists of a series of overlapping steel plates or pans linked to a conveying chain or track system. Apron feeders are known for their robust construction and ability to handle heavy, abrasive, and large-sized materials.

Uses of Apron Feeders:

  1. Primary Crushing: It is often used to feed coarse, primary crushers with large, bulky materials, ensuring a steady and controlled flow of material for efficient crushing.
  2. Material Handling in Mining: It is extensively used in mining operations to transport various types of ores, minerals, and other materials from mines to processing plants or stockpiles.
  3. Handling Bulk Materials: It is employed to handle a wide range of bulk materials, including aggregates, coal, cement, clinker, gypsum, and other heavy or abrasive materials.
  4. Process Integration: It is integrated into various material handling and processing systems, facilitating the continuous and controlled feeding of materials for further processing.
  5. Quarrying and Aggregates: It is utilized in quarries and aggregate processing to efficiently transport materials from stockpiles or bins to crushers, screens, or washing equipment.

Types of Apron Feeders:

  1. Heavy-Duty Apron Feeders:
    • Designed to handle heavy, abrasive, and large-sized materials.
    • Ideal for applications where robust construction and durability are crucial.
  2. Medium-Duty Apron Feeders:
    • Suited for handling moderate loads and materials of varying sizes.
    • Offer a balance between durability and efficiency.
  3. Light-Duty Apron Feeders:
    • Designed for less demanding applications or lighter materials.
    • Used when the material being handled is less abrasive and of smaller sizes.
  4. Apron Pan Types:
    • Steel Pans: Commonly used for handling heavy-duty and abrasive materials.
    • Rubber-Lined Pans: Used for handling sticky or cohesive materials that may adhere to steel pans.
  5. Apron Feeder Configurations:
    • Chain-Driven Apron Feeders: Employ a robust chain link mechanism to move the pans and handle heavy loads.
    • Belt-Driven Apron Feeders: Utilize a belt system to drive the pans, providing a smoother and quieter operation.

Apron feeders are selected based on material characteristics, capacity requirements, operational conditions, and the specific needs of the application. Their ability to withstand heavy loads and harsh operating environments makes them a vital component in many material handling and processing systems.

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