CS – Loading bellows for bulk material in powder


Know About CS – Loading bellows for bulk material

This equipment is used in bulk loading plant for materials in powder, such as cement, lime, gypsum, ash, etc., or for low-abrasive granular material such as fertilisers, animal feed, sawdust or similar materials. They are always connected to a suitable filter for dust removal with a capacity of 500 – 1500 m3/h.Construction characteristics:

  • Metal upper head with circular material feed point, one/two connection points to the dust removal filter, hoist to lift the lower head and electric sensor to operate the hoist;
  • Metal lower head with a rubber-coated conical-section discharge point to connect to the feed point of the vehicle to be loaded, counter-conical valve to seal the discharge point during rest phases, and electric control sensors;
  • Extendable intermediate casing consisting of inner tubular bellows and external tubular bellows in flexible material reinforced with metal rings that connects the two heads at either end, allowing the lower head to travel a certain distance (standard value 1500 mm) so as to position itself on the feed point of the vehicle to be loaded. The material is unloaded in the central area; the space between the two tubes is solely for the passage of the dust-filled air sucked upwards by the filter;
  • For fine but abrasive materials, installations are built with a series of telescopic metal tubes in place of the inner bellows;
  • Electric control panel and hanging control button strip.

Note: This equipment may be powered by a vehicle or through one or more valves described under “Valves and slide gates” in Products.


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