TPT – Pan Conveyors with Baffles

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Know About TPT – Pan Conveyors with Baffles

Suitable for conveying any bulk material, even at high temperatures and preferably granulated, at an inclination exceeding 28°.These pan conveyors consist of a metal deck formed by a series of base pans with transversal reinforcement folds, overlapping ends for carrying fine-grained material and side walls, so as to form a mobile containment channel for the material being transported. The constant-pitch pans are equipped with baffles that divide the channel into compartments to prevent the material from flowing downwards. Two Link chains with pins and fixed bushings, which are bolted under the pans, connect the various pans so as to form a continuous jointed deck thanks to the chain pins. Each fourth or fifth pan mounts a pair of rollers with guiding edge and rolling-element bearings: the former roll on appropriate tracks and support the metal deck on both the upper driving run and on the lower return run.The vertical support structure comprises trestles (two small columns with crossbeams), while the horizontal support simply consists of the tracks connecting the trestles spaced out at regular intervals.The drive station in the discharge zone includes a drive unit that imparts movement to the deck, while the return station on the opposite end includes the chain take-up station.
Functional specifications:

  • Recommended speed: < 0.30 m/s.
  • One or more curves can be included on the vertical plane (recommended radius > 15 m).
  • Material is hauled on the upper run.
  • Multiple material take-up points can be included along the conveyor but only a single discharge end, under the drive station.


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