TRC – Submerged Drag Chain Conveyor



Know About TRC – Submerged Drag Chain Conveyor
Drag chain conveyors equipped with two chains for scraping solid material that deposits on the bottom of the water-filled chamber. The conveyor mounts round steel continuous chains, such as those on EVR elevators, or forged-link chains such as those used on TRD drag chain conveyors. Scrapers for dragging the material are mounted on the chains with suitable attachments. The divert wheels and chains are both designed to be immersed in water. The chains exit the water in the final inclined section of the conveyor, although they may also exit at the take-up end on the opposite side. These conveyors are mainly used for cooling ash and boiler slag in water or for chemical processes (e.g. scraping slag from coal gasification plants). For this reason, the bottom end of the scrapers must be made of wear-resistant material (basalt, alumina or similar).  The scrapers are generally in the form of a C-shaped profile lined with wear-resistant steel along the scraping ends.The required flow rate and hauling speed are generally low.
Functional specifications:

  • Recommended speed: lower than 0.10 m/s.
  • Conveyor with horizontal chamber equipped with a discharge pipe inclined up to 30°.
  • Material may be hauled on both upper or lower runs.


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