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Know About CO – Horizontal Screw Conveyors – Temekna

Used for receiving various types of loose material unloaded from trucks through a small ramp or from mechanical shovels and placed at the tail end of these machines at floor-level. Moreover, these receiving units can also be used for feeding conveying and processing plants. This extractor is similar to the EP extractor but its metal deck is surmounted by a rubber belt. The metal deck is formed by spaced out rigid pans with hollow profile that are driven by Link chains connected to the side walls. The pans are surmounted by a rubber belt that constitutes the actual support surface of the material being conveyed.This machine combines the sturdiness of metal apron feeders with the cleanliness of rubber belts that seals all potential spillage points for even the finest-grained materials.
Construction specifications:

  • Take-up station – horizontal or slightly inclined – with hopper placed above, suitable for receiving material unloaded from trucks or mechanical shovel. In order to limit material spillage, the truck is placed slightly inside the conveyor by positioning its wheels on a sturdy support grid. To facilitate this operation mode, the hopper is roughly 4 metres wide, while the useful width of the conveyor measures 2.6 metres.
  • Inclined section to convey the material upwards. This section, normally not very long, can be extended to increase temporary storage capacity or to achieve greater discharge heights.
  • Drive station that drives the material hauling deck and ensures that the material is discharged into the hauling or treatment plant. A crossbar is placed above the conveying channel to limit the height of the pile of material about to be discharged.
  • Electro-mechanical or hydraulic drive unit – generally variable-speed type.

Variations to the standard model:Given that the machine operates at floor-level, it can also be manufactured in the movable version. In this way, multiple discharge points and areas can be handled by a single machine.In order to contain the dust generated during discharge of certain materials, the machine can be equipped with a full-length cover connected to a dust filter.


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