Screw Conveyors

Dive into a comprehensive selection of high-quality screw conveyors by Temekna, a fundamental component in material handling systems across numerous industries. Our range of screw conveyors is engineered to efficiently transport bulk materials, ensuring seamless and reliable operations.

What is Screw Conveyor?

A screw conveyor is a versatile material handling device that utilizes a helical screw blade, usually within a tube or trough, to move and transfer bulk materials horizontally, vertically, or at an inclined angle. The rotation of the screw blade pushes or pulls the material along the conveyor, facilitating efficient transportation. Screw conveyors are widely used in various industries for handling bulk materials.

Uses of Screw Conveyors:

  1. Material Transport: Screw conveyors efficiently move bulk materials from one point to another within a facility or production process. They are suitable for handling a wide range of materials, including powders, granules, flakes, and pellets.
  2. Feeding and Metering: Screw conveyors are utilized to deliver a consistent flow of material into processing equipment, such as mixers, crushers, or packaging machines. The controlled feeding helps maintain accurate material ratios and improve process efficiency.
  3. Mixing and Blending: Screw conveyors can be employed to blend multiple materials during transport, ensuring a homogenous mixture as the materials move through the conveyor.
  4. Loading and Unloading: Screw conveyors assist in loading bulk materials into storage bins, hoppers, or silos. They can also be used for unloading materials from bins or containers.
  5. Agricultural Applications: In the agricultural sector, screw conveyors are used to transport grains, seeds, fertilizers, and other agricultural products within processing facilities, farms, or distribution centers.

Types of Screw Conveyors:

  1. Horizontal Screw Conveyors:
    • Commonly used for conveying materials horizontally or with a slight incline.
    • Suitable for transporting a wide range of materials in various industries.
  2. Inclined Screw Conveyors:
    • Designed to move materials at an angle or inclination, facilitating material transport between different levels.
    • Useful for applications where a vertical lift is needed.
  3. Vertical Screw Conveyors:
    • Specifically designed for vertical material handling, moving materials from lower to higher elevations or vice versa.
    • Equipped with special screws and casings to efficiently lift materials.
  4. Shaftless Screw Conveyors:
    • Designed without a central shaft, allowing for the conveyance of sticky or stringy materials that may otherwise clog a traditional screw conveyor.
    • Ideal for handling materials that require minimal residue or cross-contamination.
  5. Tubular Screw Conveyors:
    • Feature a tubular casing surrounding the screw, providing a sealed environment for handling fine powders or materials prone to dusting.
    • Prevents spillage and contamination, making them suitable for sanitary and dust-sensitive applications.
  6. Flexible Screw Conveyors:
    • Employ a flexible helical screw to move materials within a flexible tube or casing.
    • Offer flexibility in conveying route and are suitable for applications with limited space or where a more dynamic conveying path is needed.

The selection of a specific type of screw conveyor depends on factors such as material properties, flow rates, conveying distances, angle of inclination, and space constraints. Each type is engineered to suit different material handling requirements and efficiently transport materials in a particular manner.

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