EVN –High-Speed Belt Bucket Elevator

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Know About EVN –High-Speed Belt Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevators with rubber belt connecting the buckets and lagged drive pulley.

  • Acceptable material grain size (mm): 0 – 10
  • Recommended speed (m/s): 0.90 – 1.60
  • Acceptable centre-to-centre distance (m): 125

Construction specifications:

  • Buckets with either standard capacity according to DIN 15234 specifications or with increased capacity.
  • Drive pulley lagged with a layer of vulcanised rubber. Alternatively, a pulley with interchangeable lagged segments can be supplied.
  • Squirrel-cage return pulley with double-cone structure for lateral discharge of material.
  • Rubber belt with high-resistance textile or metal structure.
  • Mechanically-joined belt ends.
  • Tangential feed inlet on idle station.
  • Tangential discharge outlet on drive station.
  • Standard tensioning system with pair of threaded bars and adjustment nuts. Alternatively, a parallel tensioning system with counterweight is available.
  • Type of discharge: tangential – centrifugal


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