EVD – DIN System Fast Bucket Elevator With Chain Strands and Shackles



Know About EVD – DIN System Fast Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevators with chain strands and shackles for connecting the buckets and manufactured according to the main indications of the DIN 15251 Table.

  • Acceptable material grain size (mm): 0 – 40
  • Recommended speed (m/s): 0.90 – 1.30
  • Acceptable centre-to-centre distance (m): 40

Construction specifications:

  • Buckets manufactured according to DIN 15234 specifications and equipped with holes for connection to the shackles.
  • Two drive wheels with hub and smooth rim for driving the chains.
  • Two return wheels of the same type as the drive wheels.
  • DIN 764 and DIN 766 type chain strands (short-link chain).
  • DIN 5699 shackles (Gambarotta standard), interchangeable with DIN 745-type.
  • Tangential feed inlet on idle station.
  • Tangential discharge outlet on drive station.
  • Standard counterweight tensioning system.
  • Type of discharge: tangential – centrifugal


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