TRS – Drag Chain Conveyor with Single Drop Forged Chain



Know About TRS – Drag Chain Conveyor

Drag chain conveyors with a single drop forged chain for driving the material. Material scrapers are welded to each side of the chain, which is made of wear-resistant steel.
Generally, these conveyors haul fine-grained material or small lumps at low flow rates.
The scrapers may come in various shapes (see the types outlined below) depending on whether the material is hauled horizontally, vertically or with inclination.Types of scrapers
Types of scrapers:
Type “A” (Standard)
Type “B”
Type “U”
Type “C”
Type “G” The more complex scrapers (i.e. type “C” or “G”) are used for very inclined hauls, while type “U” scrapers are also used for horizontal or low-inclination hauls when the layer of the conveyed material is very high, so as to counter the friction of the material along the side walls.
This type of conveyor can be manufactured with a spring-type chain tensioning system located in the return station, or gravity-type tensioning system located in the drive station. The latter system is frequently used in conveyors under filters to ensure improved air tightness.Functional specifications:
Recommended speed: below 0.50 m/s depending on material abrasiveness.
One or more curves can be included on the vertical plane (recommended radius > 2 m).
In some sections, the conveyor’s inclination may reach 90°.
Material may be hauled on both upper or lower runs.
Multiple material feed and discharge points may be located along the conveyor; intermediate discharge points are equipped with a slide gate.
Inlets fitted with an intermediate partition may be used for extracting material: the partition panel must be placed below the inlet, between the upper and lower sections of the conveyor chain, and supports the pile of material to be extracted.


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