SE and SRE – Helmet Rotary Valve Gates



Know About SE and SRE – Helmet Rotary Valve Gates

Valve gates to cut off solid materials in lumps in heavy industrial applications. They are fitted to unloading /loading points of silos, hoppers or haulage machinery with fully open/fully closed operation.Construction characteristics:

  • Outer casing in structural steel with square or rectangular discharge points.
  • internal hopper to guide material to be unloaded.
  • partially rotating helmet-shaped flap.
  • flap (helmet) command and support pins.
  • external supports with bearings.
  • open/close manoeuvring lever connected to the drive gear.
  • drive by gear motor or pneumatic cylinder.
  • electrical end-stroke instrumentation.

The simple SE version allows a vertical flow of material through a vertical-axis internal hopper.The SRE version is fitted with a special internal hopper that deviates the flow from the incoming vertical flow to a horizontal outgoing flow , reducing the impact of the flow onto the haulage machine. The SRE version, fitted with and under an SB bar gate slide, constitutes the “silo unloading system” frequently used to feed plate transporters with clinker from haulage silos in cement works.


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