TRL – Cleaning Drag Chain Conveyor


Know About TRL – Cleaning Drag Chain Conveyor

Drag chain conveyors for cleaning dust that spills under certain areas of the main hauling machines (belt conveyors and extractors, pan conveyors and extractors, etc.). The conveyor mounts two chains in the form of round steel strands linked together by shackles that also link the scrapers. The scrapers consist of a simple L-shaped profile whose lower edge is made with an anti-abrasion material. Suitable for hauling fine-grained material at relatively low flow rates.
Functional specifications:

  • Recommended speed: lower than 0.10 m/s.
  • Generally linear hauling, although wide-radius curves can be included on the vertical plane.
  • The inclination should preferably be kept below 20°.
  • Material is hauled on the lower run.
  • The conveyor is open on the top so that it can connect to the side walls containing the dust from the main conveyor located above. A metal mesh prevents any excessively large-sized lumps of material from entering the conveyor.


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