TRP – Scraper-Paddle Conveyor



Know About TRP – Scraper-Paddle Conveyor

A special Drag chain conveyor equipped with two drop forged chains with pins, bushings and guide wheels: the latter roll on lateral tracks and support the paddles that shift the material. In this type of conveyor, only the material must counter the scraping friction on the bottom, while the conveyor’s moving parts (chain and paddles) are subject to rolling friction generated by the wheels that roll on the tracks located above the level of the material.The material is shifted by the paddles which comprise a contoured front wall and two side walls to which the driving chains are bolted.The machine can also haul lumps of material, and high flow rates can be achieved.
Functional specifications:

  • Recommended speed: below 0.70 m/s depending on material abrasiveness.
  • The conveyor can cover over 100 m, while small-radius curves can also be placed on the vertical plane.
  • The inclination should preferably be kept below 30°.
  • Possibility of hauling the material on the lower run only.
  • Multiple material feed and discharge points may be located along the conveyor; intermediate discharge points are equipped with a slide gate.
  • The extraction function cannot be included.
  • This type of conveyor may also be used for forming long material deposits using a bottomless structure: in this way, the paddles scrape the tops of suitably high material piles and drag the material forward in the direction of motion.


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