TRA – Drag Chain Conveyor


Know About TRA – Drag Chain Conveyor

Drag chain conveyors equipped with two chains that drive the material: the chains comprise round steel strands linked together by shackles, which also link the material scrapers located between the two rows of chains. This type of chain allows for using wheels of a smaller diameter, which therefore helps to reduce the height of the conveyor. The shackles have special projections to counter wear.The machine can also haul lumps of material. The scrapers, generally in the form of a plain flat profile, can have increased height and are equipped with a rear stiffening on larger-sized conveyors. The lower lip of the scrapers is made of anti-abrasion material and may sometimes include a C-shaped transversal section with a slightly open lower side to counter the tendency of the chains to rise.
Functional specifications:

  • Recommended speed: below 0.40 m/s depending on material abrasiveness.
  • Preferably linear hauling, although wide-radius curves can be included on the vertical plane.
  • The inclination should preferably be kept below 20°.
  • Material may be hauled on both upper or lower runs.
  • Multiple material feed and discharge points may be located along the conveyor; intermediate discharge points are equipped with a slide gate.
  • Inlets fitted with an intermediate partition may be used for extracting material: the partition panel must be placed below the inlet, between the upper and lower sections of the conveyor chain, and supports the pile of material to be extracted.


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